Every day, 60,000 thoughts flow through our minds.
How are they born and live?

Reverie Binaire is the opportunity to connect with our unconscious.
An experience that invites us to contemplate the invisible and to touch the impalpable: the torment of our thoughts, of our subconscious, the appearance of our ideas, and the taking of control over our dreams.


INSTALLATIONS : 36 degrés x OYÉ x Dimitri Thouzery


⥤ Mind Trafic v.1 - In-situ light installation

⥤ Inter-Conscience - holographic sculpture x VJing

⥤ Lucid - Interactive installation : Dimitri Thouzery



⥤ Paul Vivien

⥤ Incogito

MUSIC (Neighbor Hood Soundsystem)

SpaceJamBlanco (Distrikt Paris) x Massaï (Sentaku)
Mara Lakour・(Rutilance Recordings / Normandy Records)
BASSI x ESKHA "The Salmon" x All Oc’s ・(ItinéraireBis)


MIND TRAFFIC V.1・In-situ light installation・36 degrés x OYÉ

Every day, 60,000 thoughts flow through our minds.
Living in total independence and influenced by the setting in which we live, we see them take a direction, change their meaning, it evolves and disappears as spontaneously as they appeared. They connecte, intertwine, confront, progress and sometimes transform into an idea, a light that strikes our consciousness and changes our lives.

Will the torments of our thoughts lead us to this higher state?

Mind Traffic is an in-situ artwork that weaves a neural network throughout the architecture.
Dozens of vectors as impalpable and luminous as our thoughts, intermingle and dialogue, redirected by synaptic reflections. Reproducing the electrical signals running through our synapses in light animation, it will take a more direct form later by reacting directly to the thoughts of its contemplaters….


Création : 36 degrés x OYÉ Label

Réalisation: 36 degrés x OYÉ Label

Production : 36 degrés

INTER-CONSCIENCE・Holographic sculpture・36 degrés x OYÉ

In the torment of the thoughts that agitate, in the center, a cube is erected. Animated by distant memories, these images are finally perceptible. Within them, artists follow one another. Their music accompanies these visions that usually escape our consciousness.

In a sensory symbiosis, the surface of the cube materializes the border that we cross when we dream: that junction beetwen our conscious and our unconscious

Création : 36 degrés x OYÉ Label

Réalisation: OYÉ Label

Production : 36 degrés

LUCID・Interactive artwork・Dimitri Thouzery

The lucid dream, where control and unconsciousness intermingle.
Here it is not a question of simply contemplating, observing what our unconscious hides from us. Here we are partly in control, partly only because the imaginary binary comes to take over our actions.

These back-and-forth between machine divagation and body movements create visuals with textures and multiple aspects.

Création : Dimitri Thouzery