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Atmosphere (nf): 

  1. Environment in which we live, considered in relation to the influence it exerts on the beings who inhabit it; climate, atmosphere.

  2. Moral and intellectual ambiance, dependant on it's context and setting

If "Atmospheres" is in the plural, it is because we are taking interest in its many forms. Be it a natural, sensory or social atmosphere, through the artworks and performances we will explore the relationship between humans and the environment in which they evolve.

Our world, the earth, the air, the organic and the opposition with our digital world. We will discover the invisible and feel what is usually imperceptible but very present around us, between us. 

An interview with the basis of our connections, digital but also human, our social atmosphere, our relationship to others and to ourselves.


▸ What makes up our atmosphere?
▸ How do we react to what surrounds us?
▸ What influences our perceptions and emotions?
▸ What is our role in this environment?
▸ How can we act?

Beyond answering these questions through curation, the very format of Atmospheres offers a humble space dedicated to their reflection.

In partnership with: 

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Antoine Schmitt, Solimán López, Ivan Black, Alpha Wave Experience (Dan Ghenacia & Anine Kirsten & Tolga Fidan), Dimitri Thouzery, Neon Minuit, Anine Kirsten, Pierre Lafanechere & Dylan Cote, Paul Vivien & Nicolas Mimault (OYÉ), Dark Matter, Tom Lellouche, Essences Speeds, Junior Bis.


Thursday 10.06

• Dj Sets: Someone (Like That), Matt Matte

Friday 11.06

• Dj Sets: Didot (La Belle Entente), Occibel (cd + vinyl)

Saturday 12.06

• Performances:  Antoine Schmitt & Hortense Gautier, Elliot Margueron
• Lives:  Ethan, m:f
• Dj Sets: Massai, Mileiha, Mat Matte

Wednesday 16.06

• Performances:  Hadone (IDM Set) x Femur (vj) 
• Lives: Lafleur 1312
• Dj Sets: Zeksu, Dso b2b Lemoan, Giselle SM b2b Mat Matte

Thursday 17.06

• Dj Sets: Mic Mac Take Over (Julio Bolivar, Inès MBRK, Jon Lurie)

Friday 18.06

• Dj Sets: Gabrielle (Alter Paname), Diagonale du Vide

Saturday 19.06

• Performances: Pierre Lafanechere x Dylan Cote, Eliott Margueron
• Lives: Vitess, Ethan, Orestes
• Dj Sets: Bassi b2b Ekonopolis, Tupikör 

Friday 25.06

• Dj Sets: Inspector (Material), Multivoq (Material)

Saturday 26.06

• Performances: TS/CN, Eliott Margueron
• Lives: Weever, Ethan
• Dj Sets: Yann Polewka, H.Mess b2b Cleft