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The abrupt emergence of NFTs and crypto-art has created an unprecedented craze, that has subsequently greatly contributed to the development of the digital art awareness.

But the new media art industry didn't wait for the blockchain in order to exist. In fact, the movement was born during the 50's, when individuals started diverting technologies from their primary use to create new aesthetics and change their relationship with the audience.


When science gets involved, a new generation of artists was born. Namely "digital art" or "new media art", it becomes the victim of its owns strength. Its diversity makes its identification and definition a difficult process.

New media art's affiliation to contemporary art is at first controversial, within the community the opinions diverge. It thus ends up creating its own place. But after more than 70 years of existence, it remains little known by the general public.


Today, digital art is often reduced to a digitised form of creation, plunging into oblivion the artistic practices that made it evolve.

And if we tried to expose the multiple facets of the digital art? To highlight the ideas that it can convey and the artists who embody it?

Retrospectively tracing new media art practices, namely: bio art, generative art, interactive art, robotic art, internet art, VR and AR art, to go to NFTs with crypto art, etc. We invite the audience to connect to the artworks in a concrete, physical and singular context.


March 18 to 20 2022

Garage Amelot - 2 Passage Saint Pierre Amelot 75011


• Antoine Schmitt
• Benjamin Védrenne
• Dimitri Thouzery
• Dorian Midnight
• Eric Vernhes
• Ines Alpha
• Michael Sedbon

• Neon Midnight
• Paul Creange
• Sabrina Ratté
• Salome Chatriot
• Otaika Studio
• Anteater Studio
• Tom Lellouche



• Dylan Cote & Romain Poncet (Traumer)

• Otaika Studio



• Based:in (Bagoudies, Kosti, Wlad)

• ItineraryBis (Bassi, Ekonopolis)

• Parallel (Louis VS)

• Pimp Your Ride (Mooglee, Vahaal, Zeksu)


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