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© Photos : Quentin Chevrier & Patrick Frontezak


36 degrés and the Galerie Charlot imagine a new experiential exhibition inspired by mystical themes, spiritualism and various realities.


In a unique space in front of the Grand Palais, we will bring about an encounter with the public, technology, science and spirituality through numerous works and workshops.


Psych.e offers a contrasting environment, housed in two former Haussmann apartments where the very cause of our contemporary disconnection – technology – serves as a gateway to a universe of new discoveries and spiritual awakening.


Creating a new space for self-discovery and exploration of awakened practices, Psych.e is a flexible space bringing workshops and performances to life, breaking the norms of white-cube set design, programming and behavior. Psych.e imagines an alternative that shakes up the codes of our relationship to art, by offering artistic and human experiences to live.

June 6 to 18, 2023 

7 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt

75008 Paris



Guided meditation (MBSR) with Laurence Bibas:

Authentic and Joyful Path of Consciousness

Phenomenological family constellation with Élya Hasson

Therapy that resolvesdre internal conflicts or familitary

Veronique Beland

Nicolas Kisic Aguirre

Celine Dartanian & Dorian Rigal Midnight

Alison Bennett

jan kounen

Chloe Alexandra Thompson & Matthew Edwards

Julius Horsthuis

Antoine Costes & Kim Yuji


Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Fabrice Ainault

Nino Filiu

Beatriz Garrucho

Maria Ventura


Schematic Wizard 

Sabrina Ratté
Stephan Breuer

Nicholas Sassoon &

Rick Silva

Eric Vernhes

Olivier Bodini

Alien Dope

Baron Lanteigne

Tabitha Swanson

Mikhail Margolis

Louis Paul Caron

Jacques Perconte

Flavien Thery

Leo Caillard

Santiago Torres

Kika Nicolela


Nino Filiu & Accalmie (Live AV)

Phosphene (Live AV) - Armand Lesecq

Weaving a life (Live AV) - Alinna Tikhonova Zen & Sounds (Crystal Bath Performance) - Ely & Swann Mentalo (Live)

& More TBA

DJ sets

Terra Aziz

Bigzy x Cleasy

Secret Guest b2b Kosti


Glicee (Clear Way)


Pablo (Sentaku)


Bassi b2b Ekonopolis (Bis Route)


Lyx-f & Mentalo (Live)



Kosti (based:in)

Wlad Dj (based:in)

Swann DJ

Le Loup



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